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Untangling presentations

01 | No presentation training? Think about it…

Too many employees lack the tools and skills they need to present effectively. This makes the whole process of presenting information across organizations inefficient. With today’s challenging conditions, this becomes a more pressing issue. Here are a few observations I’ve made over the years.
By the way! These issues are "under the radar" and represent massive hidden costs.



Leave without knowing what is expected of them



Feel they have wasted their time



Have too much information, are confusing instead of persuasive



Are anxious before and discouraged after they present



Do other work during virtual presentations

02 | Three mistakes that damage your impact

Mistakes can be difficult to address because they are often the result of personal habits reinforced by organizational practices. Here are the three mistakes I see every day.​
A. Too much upfront emphasis on the solution, not enough on the problem you are solving
B. One-way communication: no meaningful interaction
C. Too much information leaving the audience on their own to figure out what’s important, they won’t!

03 | Non-negotiables when presenting to executives

A. Clear, brief (10 words or less) and specific statement of what you want from them – within the first 90 seconds (think Dragon’s Den)
B. Meaningful conclusions of the data – without all the data
C. Confident, succinct delivery. You have to practice – not memorize or read

Be brief.
Be bold.
Be brilliant.

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